Quitting Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

When you are ready to give up your nicotine addiction for a healthier, happier life, our laser acupuncture program is the most complete non-medical treatment available.

Powerful Treatment

The non-medical treatment to quit smoking tricks the brain into thinking it is getting it’s nicotine fix. The treatment lasts up to six weeks, and that gives most people enough time to get over this deadly addiction forever. The treatment includes a free booster treatment to “push” the brain chemicals if cravings start to re-appear in the next eight weeks. This booster treatment is rarely needed; most of our clients just forget that they ever smoked at all.

Psychological Addiction

The secret to quitting permanently is to conquer the psychological addiction, and this is dealt with using a unique form of cognitive restructuring that can be used to control any substance or food that creates cravings. This cognitive restructuring explains our extremely high success rate, and the raves we receive from our clients. Although we are based in the Denver, Colorado area, patients come from all over to participate in this treatment.

Nutritional Approach

Smoking and chewing tobacco have serious impact on the chemical health of our clients. In order to insure a smooth transition from smoker to non-smoker we recommend some attention be spent to the subject’s chemical health. Easy to follow instructions are provided to further support our client’s chances for success by creating a more calm and healing environment in which to quit smoking.


When a friend, coworker, or family member is looking for help in ending their addiction to tobacco, it becomes clear that there are not many effective options available. If someone you know is ready to quit, have them contact us to discuss the different options that are available. Laser Acupuncture is superior to all other methods used to quit smoking in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas.